Your information is handled in accordance with the ABC Privacy Collection Statement. So as soon as you lift restrictions, you'll start to see transmission increasing and cases increasing. STEPHANIE MARCH: In this war against the virus, the Federal Government offered the help of the defence force but it was up to each state and territory to decide who would run their hotel quarantine program. Not even single thing about COVID, all I know about the COVID is from television, not from the security, or no training whatsoever. RAINA MacINTYRE Head, Kirby Institute's Biosecurity Program, UNSW: At the time, it should have triggered the suspicion that there could be a chain of transmission in the community linked to that breach. And you have to sort of expand the testing and really look hard for cases within the timeframe of the incubation period which did happen, eventually, by June. PAT McGRATH:  Are you sorry for what happened on your watch? CHRISTINE COCKS, RYDGES GUEST:  When we heard that the guard, one of the security guards had tested positive, the reaction from both of us was, "Well, I'm not surprised. The fact is, everyone in Australia or almost everyone in Australia is non-immune to the virus and the virus is there. And that would obviously either involve either, uh, a taxi, an Uber, or even, uh, prevailing upon family members. In order to say one wave has ended, the virus would have been … GREG REEVE, CEO HERITAGE CARE:  It was arranged by one of the more senior registered nurses at the time, it was unauthorised, breached protocols. EPPING GARDENS FAMILY MEMBER:  I want to see my mum. “PETER”, SECURITY GUARD:   I wasn't know what I was doing to be honest. But do they understand how psychopathic this virus is? “We had a whole host of concerns around how the hotel quarantine system was being managed.”  Doctor. STEPHANIE MARCH: By the end of June the virus was spreading out of control. I saw the end of May, things were in in Victoria and Melbourne specifically, they couldn't get the numbers down to single figures over a 14-day period which meant that there was no wriggle room for a human resourcing to go out and find everybody that needed to be found. They know they should do a proper assessment. That's what we all need to wrap our heads around in order to change our behaviour and all do our bit to stop things getting out of hand.”  Global biosecurity expert. STPHANIE MARCH: On Monday the 27th of July, a week after the outbreak started, just six staff turned up to care for 115 people. REPORTER: (At Brett Sutton press conference): TO Do you think it’s been botched, hotel quarantine? And I think some of them were ok with that, some of them were uncomfortable, with the lack of kind of official direction. We all have to be prepared for it. And this is going to go on and on. Not of the coronavirus but of employee burnout—and potentially more serious psychological issues from anxiety and depression. We're feeling quite uncomfortable that our 92-year-old mother is in there and they don't answer a phone and they don't answer an email. He said, "You get $29 an hour." And, I mean, that would've been the first thing that you would've stopped, that they would be travelling in a car together to come to work. A second wave starts with community transmission from previously undetected cases. GREG REEVE, CEO HERITAGE CARE: I was of the belief that plan B was available but clearly when we did seek it, clearly it wasn’t available. Coffee brands like Folgers and Maxwell House would quickly become household names across the United States. TIM KENNEDY:  This is a system that's been adopted by governments, both federal and state, for 30 to 40 years. Sail on into Gig Harbor and tie up at the public dock! TONY CARBONE, LAWYER:  I've received calls of, at least, 20 different people who have had loved ones in the centre that have all said that there's no one attending to my mum, no one attending to my dad. Because ours didn't get it. it’s clear nowhere is immune. For months Australia was the envy of the world, with COVID-19 largely under control. PAT McGRATH: So catching Ubers from the hospital back to the hotel? STEPHANIE MARCH: Theatre nurse Shazeli Osman, whose daughters caught COVID 19, worried that many in his community were reluctant to get tested. That we were, in reality the sterile barrier between potential COVID infection and the rest of our country, and we were only too happy to do that. DONNA O’BRIEN:  I just feel at a point of disbelief. STEPHANIE MARCH: As the clusters grew and spread…  the premier locked down the worst affected suburbs. The concept of ‘waves’ of feminism was itself only applied in the late 1960s and early 1970s and therefore its application to a previous era of female activism tells us… So, if Victoria has 100 homes affected now, there's another 2,600 homes in Australia. I have a family waiting for me at home. My question is how prepared are they for an outbreak? STEPHANIE MARCH: At the height of the chaos, Sam Agnello’s mother Carmela was taken to hospital after having a fall. What's going on? It was a reaction to women returning to their roles as housewives and mothers after the end of the Second World War. KERRY SHEPHERD: So at this point, my colleagues and my partner had kind of a, an official SMS from the Department of Health saying, "You are required to quarantine," and then they had a forwarded SMS from me that said, "No, everything's fine. I mean, heartbreaking to everybody. Get ready, a second wave is coming. The NSW government put the police in charge. STEPHANIE MARCH: One night, resident Maureen O’Brien, buzzed for a nurse, but when no one responded she went for help. Doing it through a video call, it's not something that ever imagined. I sent the email and said, “Is there a COVID, uh, case in your centre?” No response. That is unacceptable to me. What sort of training? From the 1890s and early part of the 20th century, much of the women's movement focused on general societal inequalities and, such as poor working and housing conditions, while also focusing on social ills such as alcoholism and prostitution. In July health care worker Kerry Shepherd was told by the health department her COVID test was negative and she went back to work. “PETER”:  I do had a break, I go for 7/11 for the coffee, that's all. At that stage there was no clear instruction as to, you know which students or grades actually is being affected. SUZANNE AGNELLO, CARMELA’S DAUGHTER-IN-LAW:  We're not getting answers on email. COMMISSIONER MICK FULLER, NSW POLICE: We’re not getting the sort of compliance that I feel we need and that’s why its important tonight we really switch over to a much more controlled police style operation and again I acknowledge some people won’t be happy with that but I truly believe this will bring an end to this much, much quicker than just relying on individuals. JULIAN RAIT, PRESIDENT OF THE AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL ASSOCAITON (VICTORIA): Well I was very concerned that we were going to find escalating levels of community transmission because I was aware, of course, that many of these people who were employed in security, of course are on a minimum wage. This is the most disgusting unfair thing I’ve ever been involved with. On Monday Four Corners investigates how COVID-19 escaped back out into the Victorian community, wreaking havoc in the state and putting the rest of the nation in peril. PAT McGRATH, REPORTER: (To Greg Reeve) How many people who went to that baby shower have tested positive for COVID now? SAM AGNELLO:  It's like they were rolling around in her... in her, in her, uh, eyes, the, pupils, and I'll never forget that. And then a couple of days it went to 61.” Son. The department of jobs - contracted three large security companies - Wilson Security, MSS and Unified - to provide guards to more than a dozen hotels. THE SECOND WAVE, reported by Stephanie March and Pat McGrath, goes to air on Monday 17 th August at 8.30pm. So I wasn't surprised we are at this stage now. I- I don't know where we stand, but something's not right. Infectious diseases spread via contact between infectious and susceptible people. It quickly spread across the Western world with an aim to increase equality for women by gaining more than just enfranchisement . Created and written by Robert and Michelle King, The Second Wave follows an unexpected, deadly second wave of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City. November 6, 2020. STEPHANIE MARCH: The virus was quietly spreading. STEPHANIE MARCH:  A staff member and a resident were diagnosed with COVID-19 four days later. PROF. RAINA MacINTYRE HEAD, KIRBY INSTITUTE'S BIOSECURITY PROGRAM, UNSW:  It could happen anywhere. There were cases of people that weren't fed, which is absolutely extraordinary when you think about it. Well the security industry doesn't work like that. JUSTICE JENNIFRE COATE: Today marks the first sitting of the public hearings of the COVID19 hotel quarantine program enquiry. And I was seeking help from day dot and the only thing was the response that we got as an organisation was, "It's your obligation as the approved provider”. He said, "Just follow the guards who've worked there before." STEPHANIE MARCH: While the entire nation waits to see if this second wave can be stopped. STEPHANIE MARCH: The causes of Victoria’s second wave are being investigated by two inquiries in Melbourne. And there's a huge number of cases overseas. JULIAN RAIT, PRESIDENT OF THE AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL ASSOCAITON (VICTORIA)  Many of the health officers that have been seconded  from other states to assist Victoria have noticed how much or how much further behind Victoria is compared to other states in terms of their IT preparedness for a pandemic. What's really terrible is that the signs were there, and that should have been addressed not only by the Andrew Government, but all the states' government and the federal government probably before that. The state, the country, had benefited from a mix of luck, leadership and relative preparedness. He still works in the security industry so he doesn’t want to reveal his identity. CHRISTINE COCKS, RYDGES GUEST: We're fairly certain that the guards didn't have the level of understanding. In the absence of any control measures, an outbreak will grow as long as the average number of people infected by each infectious person is greater than one. I think it’s entirely appropriate that the judicial inquiry goes to all of the issues that might be at play here. They had a live example in Europe, Asia. Someone else was driving an Uber. JULIAN RAIT, PRESIDENT OF THE AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL ASSOCAITON (VICTORIA): Well I was hearing from frontline emergency staff that they had concerns about the arrangements for transport of positive patients from the quarantine hotels who were getting medical checks at the emergency rooms. GREG REEVE, CEO HERITAGE CARE: done All of a sudden we found ourselves running on empty in terms of staff. From our window we could watch them arrive at 6:00 in the morning. STEPHANIE MARCH:  Hotel quarantine was to be the barrier to stop the virus spreading. You've tested positive and you've missed our attempts at contacting you. STEPHANIE MARCH: The Federal Health Department told Epping Gardens it had plan to source extra staff through agencies when a coronavirus outbreak occurred… but the plan didn’t work. There were a couple of rooms that had bed bugs, another person said that there was faeces in the toilet that hadn't been flushed and urine splattered on the floor around the toilet, uh, that she had to clean. And so the concern they had was about the transfer arrangements. The second wave. We're not getting answers on the phone. Are we over the peak of the second wave? The “Second Wave” brings relief, clarity, understanding and comfort to all souls who have struggled throughout this lifetime. The Second Wave (2013) - IMDb. “Do they understand how psychopathic this virus is? It can also be seen on ABC NEWS channel on Saturday at 8.10pm AEST, ABC iviewand at There was a moment of, "Oh no, I've gone to work, I've interacted with everybody." Directed by Gilbert M. Shilton. EMMANUEL JOSSERAND: Yes, the red flag were definitely there, and there were ongoing inquiries about it. PROF MARY-LOUISE MCLAWS, UNSW EPIDEMIOLOGIS, WHO ADVISOR:  I've been stalking the data for a long time andI was watching the numbers go up. And most of people who working there, they got anothers, uh, jobs. Health officials arranged for all residents to be tested… but it took six days for the swabs to be taken and the results returned. PROF. RAINA MacINTYRE HEAD, KIRBY INSTITUTE'S BIOSECURITY PROGRAM, UNSW:  Australia was on a knife-edge at the end of March. He said, "You got a business suit?" When some were taken to hospital, they were turned away. PROF. RAINA MacINTYRE Head, Kirby Institute's Biosecurity Program, UNSW: The hotel quarantine was a smart move because there were instances before that where people were breaching the home quarantine. Two days later five more guards from that same hotel tested positive. The stock market isn't looking good, and during Jeff Brown’s much anticipated Tech Melt presentation, Brown boldly gave his Second Wave prediction, that we are on the verge of a "splintering" in the market and how his followers can protect themselves by unlocking what is about to happen in the market. We're in the middle of a pandemic. TONY NEAL QC, SENIOR COUNSEL: This Inquiry relates specifically to the Hotel Quarantine Program established by the Victorian Government. I don't wanna pass this disease to them. JULIAN RAIT, PRESIDENT OF THE AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL ASSOCAITON (VICTORIA): Well, it's been inadequate, clearly. PAT McGRATH, REPORTER: So how would you characterise Victoria's public health response to this pandemic? DANIEL ANDREWS: The public health advice is to close those 9 towers. The Australian public were highly cooperative. Jeff Brown’s latest prediction is being referred to as The Second Wave. ANNA MARIA MATTIA, CARMELA’S GRAND-DAUGHTER:  I never thought I'd, I'd not be able to say goodbye, or at least hold her hand through it. Dozens of them had tested positive for COVID-19, including Queensland oncology nurse Christine Cocks, an expert in infection control. They were safe up until that point. SUZANNE AGNELLO, CARMELA’S DAUGHTER-IN-LAW: Every day, we're getting notifications saying, "My father's died, my mother's died, my grandmother's died." “PETER”: One a shift, for 12 hours for one mask. DANIEL ANDREWS: Thanks very much for joining us, we have 5,165 cases of coronavirus in Victoria, that is 428 new cases since we last updated you. The government had been warned about the consequences of a second wave but, by the end of July, the scientists on Sage were reporting that they had … Some people had stains on their sheets as if the sheets were dirty. STEPHANIE MARCH:  To curb the spread, returned travellers had been ordered to go home and self-isolate for 14 day. 34 talking about this. Much of the key to Australia’s success lay in the enforced quarantining of passengers returning from overseas. It is replayed on Tuesday 18th August at 10.00am and Wednesday 19th at 11.20pm. So, I just went to sign in, and they said, "Go to level 12," if I'm not wrong. I think it's a whole maze of issues where everything has just lined up to allow this to happen. The Ruby Princess cruise ship had arrived in Sydney delivering hundreds of cases of deadly coronavirus to the nation’s door.
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