d) Once filed, the form shall be final and there is no provision for revision of the return once filed. Filling Successful Shows WHAT DETAILS TO BE FILLED IN GSTR 3B GSTR3B Details - 3.1 Details of Outward Supplies and inward supplies liable to reverse charge #WFH Positivity Dossier input tax credit may be used for making any payment towards output tax. While filing the GSTR-3B, is it required to show other than GST charged invoice or only GST charged invoice details. Record the same in GSTR 3B – Table 4 – Part B – ITC Reversed (others). By entering the details here we would be able to calculate the total GST payable on outward supplies. It is important to be careful at this step. After selecting the financial year and tax period, GSTR 3B, (if applicable), in the given period will be displayed. GSTIN doesn’t allow us to edit the GSTR 3b. Putting the details in Nil rated supply may lead to unnecessary consequences from the department and denial of credit thereon. It is a monthly return and the payment of tax in GST is linked with GSTR 3b.It means we make the payment of tax under GST while filing GSTR 3b. ARE HGIH/LARGE THE INDIAN POPULATION CANNOT BEAR THIS HEAVY BURDEN, GOVT. 21/2017 – Central Tax specified the due date of filing of Form GSTR-3B as under: Before we take a deeper dive and understand this form minutely in its field wise requirement, we would first take a look at few important points in this regard: a) GSTR 3B needs to be separately filed for each GST registration number. Circulating to all, in my circle, RATES OF G.S.T. Do refer this blog for such queries: https://irisgst.com/faqs-around-mistakes-in-gstr-3b-gstr-1-and-how-to-resolve-them/, i have ammended a invoice in which gst number was eneterd wrongly on 29-01-2021,but they are telling its not reflected in their account.Is there anything we can do.Thank you for reply in advance, Since GSTN is incorrect same will not get reflected in counterparties GSTR 2B. CaptainBiz, GST Data for Credit Evaluation & Monitoring | IRIS Credixo Central Government vide Notification No. And a simplified (read messed up) challan system replacing GSTR 3B . Tax Paid. are based on the Invoice which it is linked to. Note: GSTR1/3B once filed cannot be amended, but any invoice if missed/incorrectly reported can be added in upcoming GSTR 1 /3B, We have filed an Invoice for october 2019 In GST 1 for the month of Oct’2019. Add: Supplies on which credit is distributed by other unit by way of ISD; Less: Above input tax credit must be proportionately reversed to the extent used for exempt supplies, non-business purpose etc as per the formula prescribed in rule 42, 43 of GST rules; Less: In case of capital goods commonly used for both taxable as well as exempted supply, credit needs to be segregated in 60 months and only the credit attributable to the month of July 2017 must be taken and balance must be carried forward to be availed in subsequent months; Less: Inward supplies of which credit is blocked u/s 17(5) or any other section. For example: if an original invoice dated 12-03-2020 is amended in April then the amended invoice date should not be later than 31-03-2020. Click Proceed 16. However, for the purpose of payment of taxes, the above outward taxable supplies must be bifurcated into CGST and SGST and IGST as tax payment needs to be made accordingly. It’s good that you have already paid any excess liability due but since 3B can not be revised or rectified once it is filed, the only way out is GSTR 1. I have filed Export Invoice with payment of tax (quarterly filing) for the month of may 2019. Both the categories of zero rated supplies must be mentioned here only. Every registered person except the composition dealer, TDS and TCS deductor is required to file it. a) The amount available in the electronic credit ledger i.e. Below is the screen shot of Table 3.2 of GSTR-3B Return. Since, there is lot of confusion among industry and trade on this filing requirement of form GSTR-3B, therefore this article is written to provide conceptual clarity on filing of this form along with data requirement and calculation mechanics for detailed field wise submission in this form. Details taxpayer have to furnish in the form are: Sales and Purchase made by the taxpayer. However you may take credit of the same since GSTN allows to take credit on provisional basis to the extent 10% of today credit available in GSTR 2A. The taxpayer needs to select the GST Return filing period in the month in which the amendment is made. Because by Completing GSTR 3 B return then only we should know what quantum of Liability. 11th October 2018, Timelimit for the same is already surpassed, Dear Mam It is required to be filed by a normal taxpayer. Following important points must be taken care while determining the amount of tax that needs to be paid. Step 15 – To view the draft GSTR-3B return click on ‘Preview Draft GSTR-3B’. Before this, she was part of compliance team of Blue Star, Piramal Pharma and Novartis. Add: Tax payable under reverse charge for which credit is provisionally available in the month of July 2017 itself. i) Input cess can be used only against payment of output cess and the same cannot be used for paying tax or interest or penalties etc. SHOULD DECREASE THE G.S.T. How can such problems be rectified in Jan’s GSTR 1? Ans. In other words, GSTR-3B return cannot be filed without full payment of the tax due. In earlier tax regime, service tax was payable under reverse charge only when payment was made to the vendor. What is GSTR 3b? now how to rectify the GSTR1, Hello Sir, As the heading clearly states only details of the outward supplies must be entered here. Such supplies can be categorized as under: Exempt/ Nil rated inward supplies: In case of supplies on which vendor has not charged any GST as the said supply is exempt or is nil rated. While B remained blank). one has to determine the taxation of such spill over transactions as per the table below. There is one separate column in GST return where in the taxpayer can show the all the purchase return made during the given period. Please note the timelimit for FY 2019-20 is already surpassed how to resolve for filed gstr 1 exports on lut basis instead of payment method Non-GST outward supplies: Certain supplies are treated as non-GST supplies meaning thereby they are neither exempt or nil rated or zero rated. b) Input tax credit of IGST shall first be utilised towards payment of IGST and the amount remaining, if any, may be utilised towards the payment of CGST and SGST, or as the case may be, UTGST, in that order; c) Input tax credit of CGST shall first be utilised towards payment of CGST and the amount remaining, if any, may be utilised towards the payment of IGST; d) Input tax credit of SGST shall first be utilised towards payment of SGST and the amount remaining, if any, may be utilised towards payment of IGST; e) Input tax credit of UTGST shall first be utilised towards payment of UTGST and the amount remaining, if any, may be utilised towards payment of IGST; f) CGST shall not be utilised towards payment of SGST or UTGST; and. Updated on 15th Oct 2020: Due dates of GSTR 1 Quarterly returns for tax period Oct 20 to Mar 21 is notified to be 13th of the month following the quarter | GST Notification 74/2020, Due dates of GSTR 1 Monthly returns are notified for tax period Oct 20 to Mar 21 | GST Notification 75/2020, Updated on 10th Nov 2020: CBIC extends the time limit of filing GSTR 1 | GST Notification 83/2020. For ex: Electricity, fuel expenses, purchase of groceries/ utilities from a small kirana store etc needs to be identified and disclosed. on your dues if you Fail to pay the amount late. It has been told that the late fee if any is auto computed in form 3B. In GST, purchase returns shall be shown in GSTR 1 return. Therefore, details of zero rated supply, nil rated supply and exempted supply must be excluded. In the post login mode, one can access it by going to Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard. Output Tax Short Paid During Fy 17-18 But Paid In GSTR-3B of FY 2018-19. In GSTR3B you can’t show sales figures in negative. B) Outward taxable supplies (zero rated): “zero rated supply” means any of the following supplies of goods or services or both, namely:––, (a) export of goods or services or both; or. Inter-state supplies made to unregistered persons; Inter-state supplies made to composition taxable person; Identify place of supply. By Mistake the Invoice have been wrongly uploaded “with Payment of Tax” instead of ” without payment of Tax” in Table 6 A of GSTR-1 of Oct’2019. A diploma holder in IFRS with ACCA, she loves listening to music, travelling and reading fiction. Liable Tax. with example. Amount of inward supply not to be furnished. do let me know, Yes , do in September 20 itself post that you wont be able to correct it, Any invoice/debit note/credit note (including sales invoice) of FY 19-20 missed/ incorrectly reported in GSTR 1/3B can be reported/adjusted in upcoming GSTR 1/3B till earlier of September 2020 or before filing of annual returns g) SGST or UTGST shall not be utilised towards payment of CGST. Less: value of advances adjusted against invoices. For download GSTR 3B filed returns, follow the stepsEnter login details, then click loginClick file returnsSelect Month, then click searchClick DownloadSave in folderRight click then show in folderGSTR 3B Downloaded Therefore, if any supplies are made to an unregistered person etc. The taxpayers are required to furnish details of purchases, sales, input tax credit or refund claimed or demand created etc. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 6b7a6f9c2ce9fc34d0421e440cd1c5ea. How to change GSR R1 Figure after filing of Return, Hello Sir, 3. Currently, Transition forms are not enabled in the electronic GST portal and therefore a person may not be able to transfer and avail the credit in closing balance in returns or stocks of earlier tax laws such as central excise, VAT, service tax etc. Swipez Reporting of tax payable on outward liability, RCM on inward liability into separate tax … There is a possibility that such restaurant is registered under the composition scheme of the act. i) Composition Dealers are not required to file GSTR-3B. Further, any amendment in any details to be adjusted and not shown separately. The only way to show sales is to correctly file the GSTR 1 return. We recommend you to review your entire form in the ‘Preview’ section before the final submission. Login to the GST portal and to go to the ‘Return Dashboard’, Select the year and the month for which you want to reset GSTR-3B, Since you have already submitted your return, the option to ‘Reset GSTR 3B’ will be activated. GSTR 3B is a monthly return form taxpayers have to file irrespective of their returns. h) Interest, penalty, fee or any other amount payable under this Act or the rules made thereunder shall be paid in cash and not by utilizing Input tax credit. GST Notifications and Circulars Various supplies that would get covered here are as under: In case any of the above category of supplies are made then details of the same must be reflected in this field. Newsletter The final eligible credit must be bifurcated in CGST, SGST and IGST and same must be availed accordingly. Ans: Form GSTR-9 is an annual return to be filed once for each financial year, by the registered taxpayers who were regular taxpayers, including SEZ units and SEZ developers. 5: Details of exempt, nil-rated and non-GST inward supplies. To provide details of inter-State supplies made to … How do I rectify the same as my refund is not processed because of this as told by ICEGATE? The Late Fee amount will be applicable every day till the date of actual payment.. Interest. But we have not claimed any refund against the above bill. Businesses must ensure thorough verification of the transactions and its applicability to GST before making the payment of tax and filing of GSTR 3B return as any incorrect payment of taxes have larger consequences in the GST regime. If the advance is already invoiced, then the same needs to be shown only once under value of invoices. (Article written on 16th August 2017 by CA Ravi Kumar Somani and CA Nagendra Hegde. Note: You get the ‘Reset’ option only once. Note: GSTR1/3B once filed cannot be amended, but any invoice if missed/incorrectly reported can be added in upcoming GSTR 1 /3B f) Segregate the intra state purchases portion on day wise; g) Remove the ones below Rs.5,000/- per day; h) Identifying Place of supply in case of inter-state purchases from unregistered persons; i) Identifying the classification code for such supplies. The provisions relating to TDS and TCS has not made effective and hence no details would appear under the above head. In case of these supplies, the person paying tax needs to classify the same properly under correct HSN code and identify the correct rate of tax for the respective goods/ services and proper tax needs to be calculated. where to fill rent and inward purchase details. However, since making changes and amendments in the GST forms are limited, it is important to understand the mistakes that can be corrected, process of correction and timelines for the same. Details of advances as well as adjustment of same against invoices must not to be shown separately. Having understood the basics and the requirement of the form, we shall now understand the form in detail with field-wise reporting requirement along with how data/ information must be identified, computed and assimilated by the business to ensure error free filing of this form. Therefore, if the details of enrolment for registration are not fully or properly submitted, then such person may not be able to file the GSTR-3B return. ‘Zero rated supply’ can either be made upon payment of tax by availing full credit or the same can also be made without payment of tax by filing bond or LUT. How to file GSTR 3b after all recent amendments. Kindly advice. Therefore, if the tax is not paid within the due date prescribed, then interest needs to be paid calculated @ 18% per annum proportionately based on number of the days for which delay has been made. to verify if the recipient is registered under GST; If yes, check if the person is registered under the composition scheme; Check if he is a Unique identity number holder being an embassy, UN body etc.. Hence kindly cancel the invoice and issue a fresh invoice toyour customer, Also note invoice of JAN 21 can be shown in ANY MONTH’s GSTR 1 till Septemeber 2021, For the FY 2017 July , August & September name like Reliance retails Ltd instead of Reliance corporate IT Park we have incorrectly filed shipping bill number for export bill in GSTR1 for JAN’18 and therefore the refund is not issued for IGST paid, can we amend the GSTR1 now and provide the correct details in the return to be filed for Sep’20? Actually we made an excess entry of 3 crores of B2C Others in January month GSTR-1 and we again amended it incorrectly without making it zero by leaving it as same . Dear Sir, It gets reflected immediately However my sometimes take upto one day to get reflected. GSTR 3B Due Date. Or you can claim ITC on your sales return by filing the application and show total sales. Until then one has to be more vigilant and take due care to avoid erroneous application of the law and disputes arising thereon. How to reset GSTR 3B: Login to the GST portal and to go to the ‘Return Dashboard’ Select the year and the month for which you want to reset GSTR-3B; Click on Prepare Online; Since you have already submitted your return, the option to ‘Reset GSTR 3B’ will be activated; Click on ‘Reset GSTR 3B… Details of invoices raised for stock transfer of goods or cross billing for services to the another registered person of the same entity must be entered here. Details of all the taxable outward supplies must be entered here. In this we are charging GST @5% (for individual more than Rs.1500/- as per abatement (7A)). But more reconciliation is required. If location of supplier and the place of supply are in two different states; Obtain registration no. c) It is needed to be filed even if it is a nil return. Such invoices are not available for any amendment. E-books In GSTR-1: Such liability shall be amended through the amendment under Table 9 of GSTR-1. Enter Details in Section – 3.2 Inter-state supplies. Click tick then select name and click on Flie GSTR - 3B With DSC 15. As per Rule 61(5) of GST rule, if time limit for furnishing of details in FORM GSTR-1 and FORM GSTR-2 has been extended and the circumstances so warrant, then such person must furnish return in FORM GSTR-3B. Step 16 – From the drop-down, choose option ‘Authorised Signatory’. So both these works are monthly compliance only. GSTIN Verification App | IRIS Peridot While reviewing, if there are any further mistakes or changes to be made then go to the tiles and make the respective changes. If so happens, form 3B cannot be filed unless the late fee appearing the payable sheet is discharged. GSTR 3b is the monthly return of GST in India. Section 6.1 is the summary of table 3.1, table 4(C) and table 6.2. Therefore, closing balance of transitional credit in returns and in stock must not be considered while filing form GSTR 3B. Dear Sir, kindly note Amendment means to rectify or correct the existing record in GST Return. if suppose i have to correct my gstr1 for various months of 2019-20, can i do it in the gstr-1 of September 2020 . Field No. Amidst all these barriers, the show has to still go on and one has to act upon the mandate of the law and file an error free GSTR 3B return. Thank 6so much. 14. I have issued some credit notes dated 31.03.2020 , and reported in quarterly GSTR 1 of July -September ( i.e on 11th October) and pay tax under GSTR 3B accordingly on 20th of October but now i found I mistakenly left 1 more credit note dated 31.03.2020 to report in same October gstr 1 for the Quarter May to Sep, whether could i revised gstr 1 and GSTR 3b for that or is there any other option to correct it ? Liability of GST payable under reverse charge must be calculated as under: Identify the purchases made from unregistered persons to determine the reverse charge liability. Tax columns would be filled when the assessee is opted to pay GST for making exports/SEZ supplies. Also liability is determined from GSTR 3B hence interest @18% will have to be paid on liability if have delayed GST payment on the said invoice. 1,000 from West Bengal. f) There is no legal provision in the law through which one can claim the transitional credit in GSTR – 3B return. obtaining provisional id’s, issues in logins, interpretation issues in law, dealing with the procedural aspects and many more… The list can just go on. I have used wrong tax rate in my GST Return or I have used wrong state while declaring intrastate or … Click sign 18. Note Invoices of Dec 20 can be shown in any GSTR 1 filed till tax period September 21, GST Filing Solution | IRIS Sapphire Can I take credit before it reflects? GSTR 3b is the main return … Table 3.2 of GSTR 3B Return Once the return is submitted successfully, the ‘Payment of Tax’ tile will be enabled. However, clarity in this regard is expected. Kindly note the date of revised amended invoice date must be the last date of the original invoice tax-period. In other words, it shall contain the details of internal as well as external invoicing. Report the Sales in the GSTR3B after deducting sales return( Taxable value, tax amounts), For purchases need to report only Input tax amounts after deducting tax amounts relating to purchase returns. GSTIN enabled the facility to report a negative figure in GSTR 3b-Now you can enter a negative figure in GSTR 3b. In table 3.1 you have to enter the amount of sales as 5,000. Required fields are marked *, Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Once we arrive at the value of total GST payable on the outward supplies, then the tax element needs to be segregated into CGST, SGST and IGST to ensure payment of correct type of tax. Any invoice/debit note/credit note (including sales invoice) of FY 19-20 missed/ incorrectly reported in GSTR 1/3B can be reported in upcoming GSTR 1/3B till earlier of September 2020 or before filing of annual returns Where any goods or services or both are exported or if the same are supplied to any special economic zone/ developer then details of the same needs to be entered here. Note: GSTR1/3B once filed cannot be amended, but any invoice if missed/incorrectly reported can be added in upcoming GSTR 1 /3B Field No. Kindly issue debit note for vendor A and add correct invoice details for vendor B. b) It needs to be filed online only in the common portal i.e. Below is the format of the form for quick glance. Hello Madam, 6,000 and a sales return of Rs. Details of this supply must be entered in zero rated supply as in such a case assessee would still be able to claim the refund of the input taxes credit. In GST, each registered person is a distinct person and therefore utilization of credits between two distinct persons shall not be allowed. It show filing successfully, now click ok consolidated summary return of inward and outward supplies that the Government of India has introduced as a way to relax the requirements for businesses that have recently transitioned to GST Annual GST Return Filing Where to show this type of inward supplies in GSTR-3B, Please clear whether electricity is exempt supply of is out of GST, so lucidly written. Any invoice/debit note/credit note (including sales invoice) of FY 17-18 missed/ incorrectly reported in GSTR 1/3B can be reported in upcoming GSTR 1/3B till earlier of September 2018 or before filing of annual returns It is important to note that compensation cess charged if any, shall also be available as credit subject to set off against only output compensation cess if any.
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