Council Tax - Apply for Class E or I exemption: person living away receiving care Introduction. Use this form to reply to our NFI letter asking for further information and evidence about your single person discount and the electoral register. Council Tax privacy statement Why we collect information about you. There is usually no discount if 2 or more adults live in your home. Data privacy statement We process your personal data to provide you with statutory services. Since changes were made to the system in 2013, local councils now process all claims instead of the government, and criteria is met through a means-tested application process. You could get a discount if you or the people you live with are not counted as adults for Council Tax. The council’s 2021-22 section 13a policy allows for local council tax Who can get a Council Tax discount. Council Tax - Apply for Class J exemption: property left empty by person gone to provide care Introduction. However, certain people are not counted because of their circumstances. This will give a Council Tax reduction of 25%. This applies if the other adults aren’t counted for Council Tax because they are students or because they are ‘severely mentally impaired’. Who is eligible for this discount. A person who is liable to pay council tax on a property has the right to apply to the local council for a reduction in the amount of council tax due to be paid. Go to London Borough of Southwark website. A council tax rebate or benefit, is a payment now awarded by your local authority. Some people can get a single person discount even if other adults live in their home. Council Tax - NFI information and evidence Introduction. If you are the only adult in your home, you can apply for a single person discount. The sole occupier discount can be awarded where there is only one adult over the age of 18 living at the property. Southwark Council is going to be knocking on doors to check people who are claiming the single person council tax discount are living alone. Starting this month, a selection of households currently claiming the 25 percent subsidy will be subject to checks using the latest data matching technology, working with credit reference agencies. Single person discount 13 Statutory -25% All except one person in household disregarded 13 Statutory -25% ... Southwark council tax section 13a policy – discretionary relief 17. We collect and hold information about you, and those in your household, to administer and collect Council Tax, including assessment of your entitlement to benefits, discounts and/or exemptions. Your income and savings won’t affect this discount. Apply for a Council Tax discount We've matched this postcode to London Borough of Southwark. Remember: While the property may be exempt from paying the full amount, you still need to register for Council Tax for that property so we are aware who is living there. The council has the power to award a discount for a period of time it thinks is reasonable and it can choose to reduce the amount of council tax payable. Use this form to apply for a Class J exemption, where the property has been left unoccupied because the person who pays the Council Tax has gone to provide care. You can get information on their website. These persons are disregarded from the Council Tax bill and this is called a disregard. If any other adults live in the property, this exemption won't apply. Once you have registered, you can then apply for any discounts or exemptions you are eligible for.
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