From start to finish, a Hurst residential splash pad can be built in about Two to Five weeks! In August 2012 WFBD was contracted by Landcorp to build and install an innovative splash pad as part of the Cockburn Central city sqaure redevelopment project. Splash pads or spray parks are the fastest growing amenity in aquatic recreation and you can find them being enjoyed in a variety of locations. While splash pads seem to be more fun and play, they also add to the beauty of your backyard. Splash Pad Installation; Gallery; ... and it improves property values! Start a Project. Closed for the season The Family of Rotary’s Splash Pad closed for the season on September 7 th to allow for the construction of the second phase of the facility to be completed. See more ideas about splash pad, splash, backyard splash pad. We want you to be our next customer. Small or large, we can design and build splash pads to accommodate areas of any size. If you're thinking of a residential splash pad installation, we can design one to fit your preferences. Our Residential Splash Pads are safe, fun, and affordable. Available for commercial and residential clients. We take great pride in the work that we do. “For residential splash pads, the pump, filter and manifold are usually installed above ground, while the tank is installed below ground, along with the piping and drain(s).” The paved surface of the splash pad is slightly sloped towards a center drain that funnels away excess water. Get Splash Pad Pricing. The costs depend on the size, surfaces, options, and other provisions such as electric work and excavation. There are companies out there that do both residential and commercial splash pads, but most of them only want the big projects and often turn down the residential splash pads. Our ability to install a splash pad at the fraction of the price … Water Management Solutions. Once you have experienced your first splash pad install, this will become second nature to you as these are very easy to install for a residential application. ... We are happy to assist with all your splash pad needs from design, product specification and selection, installation, maintenance and service. It may also have a small re-circulating pump, possibly a filter and method to turn the splash park on and off. Splash pads combine sprays, mists, waterfalls, and other unique water features. Contact us today to request a free residential pool design and installation estimate! But now its in the backyard just imagine the fun you can have.. Contact Jackson Landscaping & Builders, LLC for commercial and residential design and installation of impressive water features. September 18, 2015. Little Squirts Splash Pads is an Arizona splash pad designer and contractor, installing the finest custom splash pads in residential and commercial applications. Every project we use Structure Studios Pool Studio to design your project. However, most residential splash pads can cost around $6,000 to $12,000. Splash Pads. HTML5/CSS3 Template They are equipped with a 150 gallon holding tank or can be tied into your existing pool. Recapture that magic for your kids with a custom splash pad installation right in your backyard. Splash Pads: From Design to Installation. The work includes installation of sun shelters, picnic tables, additional benches, two … We can even help with new decking and pool tile changes and repairs. Splash pads are a part of our core business. Request Info. Our company specializes in making your dream come true, and provide each customer with a unique back yard oasis for the entire family to enjoy. Permanent & portable for backyards, communities, training rinks, arenas, skating paths, splash pad combos & more! Products. These systems are a safe, affordable and exciting enhancements to your child care facility, CCD, Home Owners Association, City Park, Community Shopping Center, Amusement Park, Hotel or Resort. Our company specializes in making your dream come true, and provide each customer with a unique back yard oasis for the entire family to enjoy. The cost of a splash pad is a mere fraction of the cost of a pool, and makes a great pool enhancement or alternative. A great residential spash pad can be installed for about 1/3 the cost of a small swimming pool Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy the cool spray of a splash pad. Ful-Flo Industries provides turnkey solutions for splash pads, providing planning, development, and installation services. Children and grandchildren can still enjoy playing outside without the worry or cost of pool maintenance. Whether you want a colorful, magical, play space for young children or you prefer a splash pad that blends with your sophisticated landscaping, Taylormade Landscapes can create the one-of-a-kind installation to suit your specific needs and preferences. Residential Splash Pads by My Splash Pad This 400 sq residential backyard splash pad has 12 below ground nozzles, a Liquid Tunnel, a 4 nozzle Fire Hydrant, an Umbrella and an extra feature base with a spray cap for another above ground feature for in the future (they are thinking a Bucket Dump). The splash pad floor can be made attractive by placing stones and wood structures on it to give it a raw look. Apr 17, 2013 - Explore Jacque Ferguson's board "Splash pads", followed by 214 people on Pinterest. Little Squirts Splash Pads is an Arizona splash pad designer and contractor, installing the finest custom splash pads in residential and commercial applications. Splash pad construction. Unleash the Fun with a Splash Pool. Custom Residential. Splash Pad Features. We are a U.S. manufacturer offering both custom and turnkey solutions with fast turnaround from concept to delivery. A splash pad can be installed under a base made of rock which doesn’t get slippery when wet. The play area is formed of exposed aggregate concrete and features 32 sequential ground sprays. Give the gift of wet summer fun with a residential splash pad. The project incorporates an underground pump house and state-of-the-art Gorter access hatches. The splash pad should now have pipes connecting the holding tank, pump, filter, spray heads and valves. Our splash pad installation video will help you understand how splash pads work and how they should be installed. We provide a fresh new convenient way for anyone to own their splash pad. Phoenix, AZ based. All Categories. The same water play features you might have seen at city parks, water parks, community pools, and other commercial water recreation areas is now available to residential home owners with our splash pads in Mesa, AZ services.. Water park features such as water slides, lazy rivers, interactive water features, wave pools, and multi-level water play structures all add another level of excitement to any type of property. The basics: A basic backyard splash pad is about 100 square feet (10’ x 10’), and has a 100 gallon buried tank. Maximum Splash offers multiple types of service on all splash pads, both residential and commercial in the Greater Phoenix Area. DIY Splash Pad Kits is a unique way for any handyman, journeyman or home owner to customize, build and install their own stylish splash pad. Splash pads for your home, your backyard, and your family, at an affordable price. We have packages of 6, 8, 12 or 16 nozzles or can be customized to fit your families dreams! splash pad quote is the right site for all your water sprayground, playground, splash pad, spray pad, spray park or water park needs. They have extensive experience working with fresh water systems and recirculation systems in both the commercial and residential splash pad markets. Splash Pad Design & Installation. Splash Pad Pool Builder: Our company pool installer team will work with you in all elements of the new build or remodel all the way to selection quarts, glass bead, pebble, marble surfaces to the different types of coping . Toggle navigation Search. At Custom Ice Inc. We design & build refrigerated ice rinks. Splash Pad Ideas for Residential Use. The Splash Pad has been around for years, mainly at bigger parks or city or other government locations. Now we are able to have that same Fun in the Sun. Residential & Commercial splash pads are the wave of the future when it comes to considering any type of outdoor water play. A great residential spash pad can be installed for about 1/3 the cost of a small swimming pool Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy the cool spray of a splash pad. Add it to a city or municipal pool area and give the whole neighborhood a new way to keep cool! Splash Zone has installed hundreds of splash pads. Business Services & Software Erosion Control Fencing Irrigation Lighting / Electrical Outdoor Living Park & … Enjoy your own splash pad and rain deck. We act as engineers as well as general contractors. 0:56. Commercial Splash Pads and Interactive Water Features are made of highly durable stainless steel that is powder-coated in a variety of colors. Our Residential Splash Pad are price point that would rival the installation of a traditional swimming pool. Above Average Splash Pads and Above Average Concrete have teamed up to offer a great new idea in back yard water entertainment. A splash pad water park will increase the value of your home! Depending on the setup that you want, the costs to install a residential splash pad can vary anywhere from $4,000 to as much as $35,000. Custom Residential Installation. Getting a splash pad is a water feature that the whole family can enjoy, from the kids to the dog and even the adults. How much does a splash pad cost? Aquatic Surfacing. ... and twisty pieces that spray water in every direction. Everything is taken care of, from design to complete installation, or provide any service in between. From start to finish, a Dallas residential splash pad can be built in about Two to Five weeks! That is really all you need to create a safe water play area for your children. APS commercial splash pads offer many advantages: No Standing Water. Be sure that there is enough height on the risers for the spray heads that they will be above ground after you have filled in the area to the finish elevation. Commercial Splash Pad Information Swimming Pool Construction - Commercial Splash Pads - Decorative Concrete - Pool Services - Contact Phone 410.524.0111 Fax 443.276.5862 Call (877) 799-1477 to place your order for our splash pads. My Splash Pad is your #1 splash pad manufacturer and installer. A splash pad installation is an ideal community recreational attraction that adds value and excitement to any outdoor destination. With over 30 years of combined experience, Splash Zone prides itself as the industry leader in splash pad planning and installation.
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