Since April, NHS Choices has given patients the opportunity to post comments on hospitals. Find out more. 4. Have you downloaded the NHS App yet? Whenever I call, the staff are always friendly and polite. If you're advised to go to hospital, it's important to go. Thank you to that person for making the small effort necessary. By reading reviews beforehand, we empower you to choose the right clinician the first time. Online Services. All excellent and very prompt to respond. Please look on our website for further information. Thankfully, the second person she got through to, after waiting again, was much more helpful. They have been passed on to the team. Fast, friendly and very efficient, what more could you ask for in such difficult times. Now it is sheer luck if you get what you require as everything has to go through an appallingly disorganised Admin team, too many of whom are simply are not up to the job or simply don't care. Report review titled Vaccination Process for Coronavirus as unsuitable, Thank you for taking the time to comment on NHS choices. Report review titled Fantastic practice as unsuitable. After waiting on the phone for some time to speak to someone, she was having trouble understanding the member of staff who answered. Independent Reviews. ... GP Online Services is an NHS … On arrival, the 'steward' inside the marquee was pleasantly efficient, as was the one looking after patients once they came into the building, moving them courteously and kindly towards their destinations, while once again, the vaccination was delivered with a friendly professionalism that couldn’t be faulted. Thank you for your kind words. This will give you greater choice and aims to improve the quality of access to GP services. as unsuitable. Bede Mullen, Report review titled Covid vaccinations as unsuitable. NHS Choices Reviews. I just wanted to say how impressive the administration was and how smooth an operation they had in place when I visited to have my coronavirus vaccine. Review titled On hold for over an hour ★ out of 5. My GP ... do not know what I'd do without him. Speak to a GP Now. … We are a well established, forward thinking and innovative GP practice based in Hackney. Rather than try and help her they simply hung up the phone. by Anonymous - Posted on 04 December 2020. The whole team work tirelessly with the goal of providing the best possible care to all our patients, and we are so glad that you have received such effective service! Superseded Docs (if applicable) ... Area teams, GP practices (and CCGs) to review the guidance and consider the implications for local implementation. Rated 5 stars out of 5. by Stephen ... motivated NHS staff. My call was answered immediately, I recieved a phone consultation within 30mins and an appointment booked at the hospital in less than 2 weeks from my first contact. But got a very efficient phone call back.i have been sent for blood test and xrays at hertford County tomorrow. Brilliant service and thank you all. Thank you, Report review titled Great service as unsuitable. We strive to offer an accessible, efficient and high-quality service for our patients and are proud to be a 5-Star Rated NHS Choices GP Surgery. In the near future, NHS England wants all patients to be able to say: I have discussed with my GP or healthcare professional the different options available to me, including the pros and cons and, where appropriate, whether to choose to not have treatment. Menu The Reviews for NHS Choices online and offline. They are also not following up on referrals made, meaning the patient is having to chase everything up themself, this is not good, the patients are the ill poeple and should not have to do this! Report review titled Prompt and efficient service as unsuitable. Your positive comments have been passed on to the team. Its amazing to hear that to hear that you have been able to access prompt care when you need it, especially with the alterations to appointments we have had to make this year. General practice; Practice infrastructure; ... and increasing choice and convenience. Close menu, by Anonymous - Posted on 18 February 2021. It is so appreciated and I take my hat off to you all! The whole experience was professionally conducted from the initial telephone contact & arrangement for attendance, the greeting at the door and reception desk with minimal delay and the skilled performance of the nursing staff. What a lot the practice has to deal with at this hugely challenging time. Thank you very much for your feedback, we let the Clinical Staff know about your review and they were truly delighted to receive your feedback. Give feedback about an NHS service You can give feedback by speaking to a member of staff at the NHS hospital, GP surgery, dentist, opticians or pharmacy you went to. Well done. For those patients registered elsewhere it is their own practice that has the responsibility for contacting and cancelling their appointment. using the national GP Choice Policy to grow the GP list through a digital and remote site offer aimed at improving access. Cannock Road NHS Choices Review . Patients will be able to compare scores of GP practices in their local area as new patient experience ratings are published on the NHS Choices website. This means you can register with a GP practice somewhere that's more convenient for you, such as a practice near your work or closer to your children's schools. ★★★★★ out of 5. That means it is completely free of charge for all patients who are registered with us.
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