Owning Fiskerton and also Worsborough Reservoir was almost as good as having permission to print it’s own money. I remember after a particularly disastrous National Championships the Angling Times announced the river was officially dead. Updated to include short stretch of Nottingham Piscatorial water adjacent Farndon Power Station. The very best don’t come cheap but if you want to drive at 200 mph you don’t go looking at budget cars, do you? The fishing rights on the River Trent at Hoveringham are owned by the Midland Angling Society, if you fancy a session on there it is charged at the following rates: Day ticket: £3.50 Season ticket: £30. Product/service. It’s an area that receives next to no pressure compared with the rest of the river. Whilst the river here is still massively tidal and the fishing a challenge, it’s not too difficult providing you take care and watch out for the tides which rise and fall twice each day. What cannot be seen is that this used to be the southernmost boundary of Sherwood Forest. Almost afraid, they hurried along by the houses. One of his policies was a 30% discount for OAPs in brothels. This is a popular section for all species with good fly fishing. Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond. Limited number of season permits only. The rules are unless your club controls both banks you should not be casting beyond the middle. . The Trent River feeds into it and the mouth of the river is a well known walleye spot. Kelham Hall and Country Park Kelham, Newark, Nottinghamshire A campsite situated within a stunning country park in stately Nottinghamshire grounds, with river fishing close by. Address: Hoveringham Road, Hoveringham, Nottingham, NG14 7JP. Thanks again. Others have suggested it derives from the Romano-British ‘trisantona’. At 4 1/2 miles the Shelford fishery is the longest stretch of River under the control of the Association. Stretch identified as Sheffield Waltonians AC (details courtesy of John Feltrup), 2019.03.17: Map 2 updated at Littleborough and opposite at Gate Burton (details courtesy of Jon Jess), 2019.03.17: Map 17 updated boundary details at Hoveringham (details courtesy of Jon Jess), 2019.03.17 Information and link added to text regarding Burton Chateau rental availability, 2019.03.19: Map 23 Information added to Colwick Park Fishery (details courtesy of Alan Courtney), 2019.03.19: Map 24 Information added relating to free fishing (details courtesy of Alan Courtney), 2019.03.19: Map 25 Information added relating to free fishing and day tickets (details courtesy of Alan Courtney), 2019.06.24: Map 7 Scunthorpe Amalgamated access and parking issues now resolved. It rises on Axe Edge Moor near Buxton and flows generally south to its confluence with the River Trent at Newton Solney. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. It may well be the areas where no club details are available is because the land owners have no desire lease the fishing rights. Tel: 0115 This is archetypical barbel country in a wide open landscape. Or better still, purchase a ticket for the far bank and fish under your rod tip? Whichever water you decide to fish please respect the club rules and wherever you can, please support these clubs by becoming a member. To the west we have the ‘old river’. Until as such time this matter is resolved do not be surprised if you are asked to pay twice to fish there. This is a popular section for all species with good fly fishing. A popular match area in times gone by, now home to some massive specimens of several species. There are 140 pegs on offer here along with something pretty rare for river fishing – you can park directly behind 19 of them. The halcyon days of big nets of silvers, and the odd bonus big chub seem to be long gone. It certainly won’t hurt. And thats at normal levels. Find out more information. Down river is the Weir and also further down approx 500m is an old railway bridge known as the ‘Pillars’, these are well known hot spots for Pike, Barbel and Chub. With this information that makes it possible . Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. Night fishing (sunset-sunrise) at Fiskerton is Syndicated, so unless you are a syndicate member, no night fishing is permitted. Man has intervened to prevent further trespassing by the river. Members and Associate Members only | No day tickets. Maggots and casters still catch fish. Hang on a minute, when I first fished the Trent with my old man we caught the train to Newark Northgate and then walked with our tackle on our backs to Winthorpe. Ideal for those people that wish to walk along the river or perhaps partake in a spot of fishing. This guide is an attempt to put that information at your fingertips and provide clarity. It perhaps says everything that I discovered a book called ‘Not Forgetting Caythorpe’ by Anne Sharp, but it appears history indeed has done just that, unless there’s a hidden dark story about which non shall speak! The society is home to some the premier fishing in the county. The following articles, written a while ago, still stand the test of time. If I find any further information during my fishing trips in the frothing season I will let you know. 2020.06.13 Map 19. It can be done. The river favours classic Chub and Barbel fishing. Running parallel with the Dyke, just behind Northgate lies Lovers Lane. The second qualifier of RiverFest 2020 was on the River Trent at Newark Dyke and with the river looking in good nick, there were some good mixed bags expected. Indeed Holme was the crossing point to Langford (long ford) but today they are both on the East bank. At the same time, human remains – in the form of a skull – and bronze spearheads were brought to the surface. With it being the first match of the year on the River Trent, anticipation levels were high as the Lamcote Cup came around once again. To some it’s a numbers game. River Trent Rolleston Something keeps dragging me back to this glorious part of middle England. This is the spot where notorious kidnapper Michael Sams held estate agent Stephanie Slater in a coffin-like box inside a wheelie-bin for eight days in 1992, demanding a ransom of £140,000. Have loved fishing the Trent for many a year, but unfortunately due to health problems can no longer walk far. Attenborough’s sprawling nature reserve presents access problems on the North bank where the majority of deeper water and flow lies. It would be all over social media before he dried his hair! Need I say more? Cheers Bob. If you control a water that has been missed in this list, or you have not included day ticket information on your web site, please contact me and I will update the directory. The best anglers catch more consistently whatever the conditions. Roach, Grayling and Perch catches have also been reported by members. 20 – river trent, newark dyke, crankley, east stoke & rolleston – 80 (4) 26 – RIVER SEVERN, BEWDLEY 60 (3) 27 – WARWICKSHIRE AVON, STRATFORD & WARWICK 60 (3) Thank you. Worth noting the Pride is a professional business rather than a member-owned Society. It may be slow and deep compared with other areas but be in no doubt there are some absolutely huge chub and barbel in these reaches. Away towards Colwick all was black night. You’re right, it would be unfair but a very useful question. There are however a couple of short, tightly pegged and heavily pressured day ticket stretches. Fledborough Viaduct is without doubt one of, if not THE most imposing structures to cross the River Trent. HELP ME: If you spot an error or omission (and inevitably there will be some to start with!) NG7 3BN. The Trent at Collingham is pretty featureless but full of barbel. Fishing is to be avoided where boats are moored, i.e. Worth noting if you fancy a swift half after a hard session on the river. A stiff poker of a chucking stick? *** Note: Maltkiln Lane Fishery (Summer 2020). A group of nere-do-wells attempted to wreck the Barbel Society and depose it’s leader but the campaign proved to be a miserable failure. Sadly the story was not written down until a century later (by Henry of Huntingdon) who gives no location and it may even have been a myth or a fable. Barnsley DAA purchased the Fiskerton stretch of the Trent in the early 1980s (I believe) for what, at the time, was rumoured to be the king’s ransom of around a quarter of a million pounds. To avoid confusion with Burton On Trent. The goose flew high into the air with his prize, but the pike still had the baited hook in its mouth and the man refused to give line. It was ruled by a Saxon chief named Snot. Prices: £6 per day. River Trent, Cromwell, Newark ... Areas at Fiskerton and Rolleston are fishable on a day ticket. If you fancy something a little bit different the historic Grade II listed Burton Chateau sleeps just two people can be rented out from as little as £43.13p per person, per night and sits right on the riverbank. The water is heavily blighted by overhead cables but there are fishable areas to explore, large perch have been seen in the margins and significant pike have been hooked and lost when playing small dace towards the waiting landing net. He wrote of the Dubbs: “Charlie Hudson, who lives somewhere against Dunham Bridge, within easy distance of one of the deepest, if not the deepest, bream swims on the Trent, viz., the celebrated Dunham Dubs, is about as good a bream fisher as any I know.”. From early times it has been important for fishing.
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