Most playable ukuleles seem overpriced considering the small amount materials needed, vs say a Dreadnaught or Jumbo guitar. Eagle supply a second to none range of baritone ukuleles froma range of uke manufacturers. 8" Remo banjo head tune-able with 10 socket head screws and stainless steel tone ring. Baritone ukuleles from budget ukes for beginners through to high quality hand built ukes. Firefly Concert Banjo Ukulele (Walnut) $325.99. In reviews on YouTube they also sound great. Yes, the Firefly probably is much cheaper to build than £200, but that's what American wages, cost of living, taxes etc do to prices. Force of habit!Really wish though that Fluke gave directions on changing pot in event of damage. Have to agree, the end of life options are a worry. It is so light and easy to hold, yet has a loud and lovely voice. Weighing in at just under one pound, the Firefly is lightweight, travels well, and sounds delightful. I see how it sounds when I get it, but this review is very encouraging! Note: mine has the classic fluke neck rather than the wooden and that bumps down the price quite a bit. The Magic Fluke Co really know how to design unique and great sounding ukuleles. Firefly logo label inside the rim of the pot, Firefly ukulele head and pot - essentially just a hand drum, The classic Fluke headstock - note the zero fret. It's Certainly a marmite uke. I would be very interested to see a comparison between this and the Firefly. Models by Mainland, Ohana, Tanglewood, Brunswick and more at Eagle Music. The talented Matt Hicks demos three different Firefly banjo ukuleles. The Firefly ($(removed)) was designed by Jim's brother-in-law Dale Webb, who is also the creator of the amazing Flea and the Fluke ukuleles, and it … Copyright © 2021 Bytown Instruments. It's also why American made full resonator banjos cost an eyewatering amout of money (certainly much MUCH more than £200, yet if you want you can get a chinese copy for very little. Maple neck comes standard with ivory colored tuners. The Firefly Banjo Family has grown. I had similar feelings to barefootgypsy about the Fluke/Flea but ended up buying a Flea and fell in love with it. EUR Unique tailpiece design accommodates both 4 and 5 strings with either loop, ball or knotted ends. This model is different from other banjoleles but the sound is classic, with that sticatto, punchy attack. We seem to agree on the factual stuff and differ on the subjective stuff, so it's all good :) As you say, it's a "Marmite" uke so I think I'll pass on it (though I can't deny I like the sound it makes), but thank you for the discussion and also for the review - I didn't even know it existed until I saw it here. Baritone ; Sopranino; Guilele; UBASS; Banjo Ukes; Ukulele Packages; Shop Uke Accessories. This one is the maple version and comes with the polycarbonate fretboard. After humming and hawing for some time now I've decided to go for my Maple concert version of this ukulele after hearing your review. Thanks Bary, interesting and thorough review, I've ordered the same but with maple and white tuners. Weighing in at just under one pound, the Firefly is lightweight, travels well, and sounds delightful. Solid hard maple neck and fingerboard; Laminated maple pot; 17" Scale; 18 Frets; Overall length is 25.5"; Rim diameter is 9.75"; Weight is 2 lbs; Standard Grover friction tuners; Optional passive Open to Source pickup or Peghed geared tuners. CONCERT & SOPRANO size feature a 8" Renaissance Mylar drum head with Acousticon pot, factory tuned and assembled for us by Remo in California. TENOR size features a our unique internally tuneable design using an 8" Remo Renaissance banjo head and steel tone ring. In fact the GoldTone banjo ukelele series (it's available in soprano, concert, tenor and baritone) looks a much better proposition and it's not much more expensive than the Firefly. Firefly Music Lessons: guitar, ukulele, banjo, composition & DAW software, Wellington. That really highlights just how cheap the actual product is to make. The new Tenor with 17" scale opens up new tuning opportunities supporting CGDA (Irish Tenor or Mandola) and DGBE Baritone tuning as well as standard uke and low G. Available in TENOR, CONCERT, or SOPRANO size. How to Tune a Baritone Ukulele. John M - didn't mean to delete your comment - hit the wrong button! Don't know about ghost notes and that cloth trick though? The tuners are also Grovers.But for comparison, the stock Fluke ukulele with plastic fretboard is 170 UKP. It stood up well though and I now know that if the head slackens - Fluke to sell replacement heads and braids, I just got my firefly straight from the source and without shipping or a case they go a little over 150. Ukuleles specialists Hobgoblin Music, established 1976. At $265 it's a big chunk of change but I think it will be worth it. Now introducing the 5-string Firefly Banjo, a lightweight 19" scale banjo. I'd like to make a similar banjo and am trying to figure out how they attach the neck to the pot? Regarding comments on what to do if the head should fail or be damaged, one could probably obtain an 8" drum online or contact the Fluke Co. for a replacement. And the "cloth-trick" to dampen the sound, is much-used, I believe! The 5-string features the same solid maple components & adjustable drum head tension as our Tenor Firefly Banjo Ukulele. This marvelous hybrid combines the ease of playing the uke with the distinctive twang of a traditional banjo. 37 likes. Bytown Instruments/Fleur de Lyre Music Flukes are made in the US with US-made parts. Ottawa, ON K1V 7R7. I live in the area of their shop and have visited it a few times. The Firefly is a banjo ukulele designed by the Magic Fluke Company in the USA. I think they are making good hay while the sun shines, "proper" banjo-ukes being in very short supply - it just cannot be worth that sort of money! Over 5,000 made, proudly in the USA. This marvelous hybrid combines the ease of playing the uke with the distinctive twang of a traditional banjo. Books; Strap Buttons; Capos; Cases. I'm one of those that loves them and wouldn't have anything else on a ukulele. Buy Sale. Find great deals on eBay for firefly banjo ukulele. Fluke makes well made and durable products, though not my cup of tea. Grover 2B tuners; walnut or maple neck; maple and ebony bridge; polycarbonate molded or hardwood fret board; and Nyltech strings. Sounds and a bit of video of my new Fluke Firefly #review GBP Taking a cue from traditional banjo construction, this model incorporates an adjustable coordinator rod to affect neck angle. I've never replaced one, but believe Magic Fluke will sell you a kit direct. Great tone, spot on intonation and the construction makes it a carry anywhere uke. The manufacturer advises users to slacken the strings and remove the bridge when not playing the instrument, which may be good advice to any banjo player, but somewhat impractical. The Firefly Banjo Ukulele, like a luminescent lightning bug, is great to have around a campfire, and attracts lots of attention. Hard Case; Soft Case; Humidifier; Lessons; Stands; Straps; Tuners; Firefly Concert Banjo Ukulele (Walnut) Home; Shop Ukuleles ; Firefly Concert Banjo Ukulele (Walnut) FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200. Never mind :) I'll try again. Lots of good ukes out there over $1,000 US even here in the USA. Personally wouldn't ever spend 600 on a banjolele, but that's because I'm not a huge fan of the trad banjolele in either looks or sound - but that's just me. The Firefly is the classic banjo uke from the Magic Fluke. For some this will be what starts them down the banjo ukulele path and they may go and explore others like a Gold Tone or one made by Aaron Keim (Bean Sprout), while others will sell them in a few months because they are not banjo uke people, and that happen all the time.
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