These are: GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) at about 36,000km above the earth's surface. Allocating frequencies to the satellite services is a complicated process which requires internal coordination and proper planing. Satellite Frequency Allocation and Band Spectrum. Region 3: Asia, Australia and South West pacific. Answer : a. Q75. The information is converted into an electrical form for transmission. satellite Relay satellite Relay satellite Sensor satellite Sensor satellite Crossover or Intersatellite links Mission data Launch phase TT&C TT&C Satellite Ground station TT&C Tracking, Telemetry and Control The communications architecture consists of satellites and ground stations interconnected with communications links. GLOBCOS has successfully worked in the media sector (Radio and TV) for many years, therefore the real needs of companies working in this sector are well known to us and we are in a position to give our customers professional advice. As discussed in Chapter 3, "Transmission Media", satellite communication systems operate in two configurations: (a) mesh; and (b) star. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. With the help of advanced earth stations & new connectivity services makes the critical transmissions to reach their intended targets efficiently and instantly. It has fewest propagation problems. elements of satellite communication system. Elements of a communication system: As mentioned before, the purpose of a communication system is to transmit intelligence signal from a source to a destination at some point away from the source. Distance does not matter anymore. (Adapted from SMAD.) Today’s world become a vast network for global communication. In this band there is no absorption by the rain. ( Log Out /  Search for more papers by this author. Other satellite systems such as those used for satellite phones may use Low Earth orbiting systems. The system for data transmission makes use of the sender and destination address, In this other so many elements are also there that allows it to transfer data from … Many transmission media are used as communications channel. Here in this post, a brief idea of  elements of Satellite Communication System, advantages and disadvantages of 6/4 GHz, frequency allocation etc. Some of the Services provided by satellite are as follows: 1. 4-1 CHAPTER 4 INTRODUCTION TO SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to: 1. The basic elements that form a communication system are : -The transmitter : which processes the input signal to produce a transmitted signal suited to the characteristics of the transmission channel. Additional elements include: a modulator in which the input wave is modulated subject to frequency change and amplification. He has already pointed out that a satellite in a circular equatorial orbit with a radius of about 42,242 km wound have an angular velocity that matched the Earth. Answer : a. Q75. Our target is that our customers are always satisfied with the services provided and that they get the solution which fits their needs and budget. This band acquire interference from the other band at more rate. Satellite Transmission Bands Frequency Band Downlink Uplink C 3.7-4.2 GHz 5.92-6.42 GHz Ku 11.7-12.2 GHz 14.0-14.5 GHz Ka 17.7-21.2 GHz 27.5-31.0 GHzThe C band is the most frequently used. Satellite Communication Basics The basic elements of a satellite communications system are shown in Figure 1 below. ( Log Out /  Satellite Broadcasting company Globcos providing satellite uplink facilities, downlink, Satellite Distribution services, Consulting and teleport services, flyaway, streaming services, playout services to worldwide clientele. The earth segment of a satellite communications system consists of the transmit and receive earth stations. The Receiver circuit consists of a photo detector along with an appropriate electronic circuit, which is capable of measuring magnitude, frequency and phase of the optic field. Satellite communication, the use of artificial satellites to provide communication links between various points on Earth.
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